Two roads

15. October 2020.

Director: Radovan Sibrt
Country: Czech Republic
Runtime: 79:05

What would you do with your life in a limited body and with limited time?

The members of the popular band The Tap Tap, all of whom are disabled (or as they cynically call themselves, crippled) have a pretty clear idea. They want to enjoy every minute of it and, however improbable, to taste fame as rock stars. The Tap Tap orchestra is a vivacious example of how some of life's most difficult obstacles can be overcome.

With the award ceremony, the 12th Belgrade International Film Festival of people with disabilities came to an end

20. October 2021.

The Grand Prix of the 12th Bosifest went to the documentary film "A HOUSE / UNE MAISON" by the French director Judith Auffray

A house take us to a very special place in a quite unusual way, and then focuses on the housemates - it allows us to meet individual characters as they go about their daily routine.


The 12th Belgrade International Film Festival of Persons with Disabilities BOSIFEST 2021 was officially opened last night at the Yugoslav Film Archive

18. October 2021.

The Festival's director - Darko Ivić, this year's Selector of the festival Miroljub Stojanovic, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs and the Commissioner for Protection of Equality Mrs. Brankica Jankovic addressed the audience.

Feeling through

27. July 2021.

Director: Doug Roland
Country: USA
Duration: 18:17

Feeling Through, the first film to star a DeafBlind actor, is a coming of age story that follows Tereek, a teen wandering the streets of New York, desperate for a place to crash when he encounters Artie, a DeafBlind man in need of help getting home.

Une Maison/House

27. July 2021.

Director: Judith Auffray
Country: France
Duration: 82:00

Seven young autistic adults in a house Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort, in the southern Cévennes in France.

Alice from wonderland

27. July 2021.

Director: Elena Demidova
Country: Russian Federation
Duration: 31:39

Masha is sick with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). She can’t move and talk, only her fingers move a little and make it possible to control a computer mouse and then everything will be even worse.


27. July 2021.

Director: Christine Jezior
Country: Germany
Duration: 90:00

What happens to a relationship if a partner suddenly becomes severely disabled after an accident? For Gosia it is clear that she will stand by her boyfriend Tomek no matter what in order to let him live as normal and fulfilled a live as possible.

Crazy Wheels

27. July 2021.

Director: Elena Rebeca Carini, Ilaria Giangrande
Country: Italy
Duration: 42:19

“What do you want from life?”


“What can you do?”



27. July 2021.

Director: Christophe Hermans
Country: Belgium
Duration: 94:00

Victor is 17. He is gradually losing his eyesight. That is irrevocable. Refusing his handicap, Victor fights to live like an average teenager and becoming an adult just like the others. Today Victor is ready to take off to go to University and study Law.

My way

27. July 2021.

Director: Jasmina Pašalić
Country: BIH
Duration: 05:06

The film shows a girl with cerebral palsy and her everyday life. The film strives to make the viewer aware that anything is possible when you believe and when you have the support of the community.

Invisible Lines

27. July 2021.

Director: Mehdi Rakhshani
Country: Iran
Duration: 49:03

In a village in Iran, a boy is born with severe physical disabilities. His parents, believing him to be stillborn, plan to bury him. Suddenly the boy begins moving with his arms and legs and returns to life.

Sign At All Times

27. July 2021.

Director: Andrew Leibman
Country: SAD
Duration: 08:00

Sign At All Times tells the story of how 18-year-old Brian Estrada overcame his personal adversity and found pride in his identity.


27. July 2021.

Director: Jim McMorrow
Country: Ireland
Duration: 17:00

Based on a true story. Stephen, a young man with Down’s Syndrome wishes to break free from his caring but over-protective mother and celebrate his 18th birthday in the way that he chooses.

Positive All the Way

27. July 2021.

Directors: David Ulich, Steven Ungerleider
Country: USA
Duration: 26:49

When faced with tremendous obstacles, Sir Philip Craven holds true to his principles. This film explores how the former president of the International Paralympic Committee used these principles as a compass to guide the world’s largest adaptive sports organization to become a global leader for social change.

Word of selector

12. July 2021.

This year's extraordinarily profiled and expertly designed Festival, will be certainly remembered for several precious film gems, as well as a particular film aesthetic, entirely subservient to the movement of modern film expression. From the very first moment, high production standards made this year's festival quite equable.

MIROLJUB STOJANOVIĆ - selector of the twelfth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

21. June 2021.

Born on March 2, 1958. Studies of world literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade.

He is engaged in film criticism, essays and research. He has published his works in more than 40 magazines, daily newspapers and periodicals.

STEFAN IVANČIĆ - jury member of the twelfth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

21. June 2021.

Stefan Ivančić is a film director, producer and selector. He completed his undergraduate and master studies in Film Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, where he currently works as an assistant professor.

IVAN IKIĆ - jury member of the twelfth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

21. June 2021.

Ivan Ikić is the director of the award-winning films Oasis (2020) and Barbarians (2014).

He was born in Belgrade in 1982. He graduated in film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

SONJA (BLAGOJEVIĆ) ĐEKIĆ - jury member of the twelfth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities

21. June 2021.

Born in 1980 in Belgrade, where she still lives today. She graduated from the VI Belgrade Gymnasium, during which she also attended the Kvadrat School of Film Directing, and then studied film and TV directing at the Faculty of dramatic arts.

With the award ceremony, the 11th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities – BOSIFEST, was officially closed

22. October 2020.

The 11th BOSIFEST’s Grand Prix went to the Czech film "Two roads", directed by Radovan Sibrt.

In this year's selection of films, this achievement stands out not only for its quality but also for its emotions and optimism in the story of the Tap Tap band, whose members overcome their disability with music, pointing out that it is always possible to find true meaning in life.

The 11th Belgrade International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities - Bosifest is officially opened

20. October 2020.

Last night, at the Yugoslav Film Archive, the 11th BOSIFEST was officially opened.

The audience was addressed by the Festival’s Director - Darko Ivić, Marjan Vujović – manager of the Archive’s Museum and Festival’s Selector – Igor Toholj.

Peter Plan

15. October 2020.

Director: Jean Castejon
Country: Spain
Runtime: 73:13

Several years have passed since Peter decided to go and live in Plan, an isolated village in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Far away from the advantages a city offers a blind person, he survives through his art, rock music.

Against the Stream

15. October 2020.

Director: Grigory Kurdyaev
Country: Russia
Runtime: 57:30

A few weeks from the life of a young Paralympic Andrei Filippov (19 years old), a master of sports in swimming of the blind. Having met with Andrei in his small homeland, we will go along with him a short but important way – from home training in Volgograd to playing in Moscow at the Russian Cup.

Once upon a boy

15. October 2020.

Director: Uri Levi
Country: Israel
Runtime: 65:30

Ron is intelligent, charming and full of life, but every day, his movements are increasingly limited by cerebral palsy. This, while he watches his twin run and play soccer with their brother.

Two roads

15. October 2020.

Director: Radovan Sibrt
Country: Czech Republic
Runtime: 79:05

What would you do with your life in a limited body and with limited time?


15. October 2020.

Director: Sergio Morkin
Country: Mexico
Runtime: 78:33

Maricarmen Graue (52) is a cello player; she plays with a rock band, as well as in a chamber orchestra. She is also a music teacher, a writer, and a marathon runner. She lives alone and is completely blind.

I am

15. October 2020.

Director: Grzegorz Paprzycki
Country: Poland
Runtime: 23:09

A couple goes on a journey across the French Alps. Apart from beautiful landscapes, they share views on topics related to faith and the creation of the world.

I see in the dark

15. October 2020.

Director: Lana Bregar
Country: Slovenia
Runtime: 16:30

The short documentary shows three individuals, who have lost their sight. Their intimate narrative takes the viewer on a journey to their world and feelings about the loss of vision.

Out of spite

15. October 2020.

Director: Gojko Berkuljan
Country: Montenegro
Runtime: 10:50

„Out of spite“ is a movie about Anđela Radovanović, Russian language and literature teacher, poetess, showing the world of emotions between Siberia and Latin America through her poems.

I am

15. October 2020.

Director: Martina Biagi
Country: Italy
Runtime: 52:06

I am is a journey amid families with children suffering from rare genetic conditions and doctors who take care of them.


15. October 2020.

Director: Danilo - Lola Ilić
Country: Croatia
Runtime: 77:00

Erik is a 36-year-old young man with cerebral palsy. Although a person with disabilities and various problems he is never at peace, he always wants to do something new. He is a composer, author, singer, keyboard player, songwriter ....